25th March

- Chamber Orchestra "Internationales Gitarrenfestival Rust"

(Horizont Youth Orchestra)


Conductor: Paul Boris Kertsman und Claus Eickhoff


Solists: Sabine Thielmann, Stefan Hackel, Istvan Beke, Gabriel Guillen


Guest: Oskar Marijan (Flöte)

26th March

- Gregory Novikov and Sasha Dejanovic



- Linzer Guitar-quartet

27th March

- Roberto Fabbri


- Eurostrings Winner

28th March

- Prize giving Ceremony Competition "Alirio Diaz" Adult & Youth



- Burgenländisches Guitar-Orchestra

Conductor: Hans Willhelm Kaufmann

Director: Hans Peter Gatterer

29th March

- Eurostringsabend 


- Winner Competition "Alirio Diaz"

Adult & Youth

(Group 1-3)

Events during the Day

26th March

- Adult Competition 1st Round

27th March

- Youth-Competition

28th March

- Adult Competition Final

29th March

- Book-Presentation Diana Hlazunova


- Conductor-Workshop Claus Eickhoff