Festival 2017 : IXX. International Guitar Festival Alirio Diaz in Rust / Austria: 09 until 12 of April 2017

1st International Classical Guitar Composition Competition
Rust 2017:

Subject: Composition of a piece for classical solo guitar (six strings) of a length between 2 and 4 minutes’ duration that can be described as an




Closing date for inscription and sending of Composition:  28th February 2017

1st International Classical Guitar Composition Competition
Rust 2017



Closing date:  28th February 2017


Subject: Composition of a piece for classical solo guitar (six strings) of a length between 2 and 4 minutes’ duration that can be described as an




Description: The idea of the competition is to encourage a range of 21st century responses to the genre of etudes. Entries will be judged according to composers’ ability to take on the challenge of writing a memorable, individual and truly contemporary piece of etude in a genre that crosses so many boundaries in music, with account also taken of skill in writing for the guitar.

The competition is open to composers of all ages and nationalities Only unpublished and previously unperformed works may be submitted.


Submissions: Submissions are to be latest at Sunday 28th February 2017 by email to Jovan Pesec, President of the jury and competition.



How to apply: Read carefully the Conditions of Entry below. and then email your full name, nationality, contact details and date of birth to Jovan Pesec, Competition Administrator, at jovan.pesec@v4m.net, attaching your score as a PDF and the performance as MP3. Please note that your name should not appear anywhere on the score or in the MP3 data.

Selection: The selection committee will consist of a jury of distinguished guitarrists and composers.



Jury: Gabriel Guillén, Heinz Irmler, Wolfgang Bauer,Tibor Nemeth, Jovan Pesec and Siegfried Steinkogler.



Three works will be short-listed following the closing date and announced on March 2017 on the Homepage of the International Guitarfestival Rust




These will all be performed by Gabriel Guillen at a public concert at the International Guitarfestival Rust in April 2017 or 2018 and other Festivals (date and venue to be confirmed), at which the winning etudes will be announced.


Prizes: The winning composer receive a cash prize of € 500. This prize is sponsored by studio.v4m.net. The studio.v4m.net will also produce a professional audio and video recording of the winning piece and the other pieces in the shortlist, which will be posted on YouTube within three months of the public performance. Last but not the least three shortlisted pieces will be performed by winners of the International Guitar Festival Rust 2017 in the following years at a public concert. In the event of multiple short-listed submissions being found suitable, the International Guitarfestival Rust reserves the right to extend both the performance and video recording to additional pieces and to make commendation of works outside the short-list.


Conditions of Entry


1.    Compositions must be unpublished, must not have won any other competition, and must not be under consideration by any publisher or for any other prize for the duration of the competition. Compositions must also have never been previously performed.


2.    The International Guitarfestival Rust will hold the right to convene the first performance of all shortlisted and commended pieces for six months after the results are announced (i.e. until October 14th 2017) and to have exclusive performance and recording rights for the winning piece for one year after the shortlist is announced (i.e. until March 14th 2018). Copyright will remain with the composer.


3.    The competition is open to composers of all ages and nationalities.


4.    Works must be for a classical six-string solo guitar (without the use of any sort of additional technology).


5.    Scores should be emailed as a pdf. Performance of each score, perfomed by human player or a composition program.  It should be added as MP3. Pages should be numbered and the title of the work should appear on each page. Entrants’ names must not appear on any page of the work. Only entries via email are aceepted.


6.    Multiple entries are permitted and should be sent in separate emails.


7.    Payment terms:
The enrolment fee for the Contest is €25 (twentyfive euros) for each entry
and may be paid directly via bank transfer to the following account:
See link inscription/ Anmeldung
payee: ComposersCompetition  Guitarfestival Rust

All bank charges must be met by the person making the transfer.


8.    The enrolment fee is not refundable.


9.    The opening date for entries is 1st November 2016 and the closing date for entries is 28th February 2017.


10. The International Guitarfestival Rust reserves the right not to award a prize in any or all divisions.


11. The shortlisted compositions as well as commended works, will be announced on 14th February 2017. Short-listed entrants will


also be notified by email. The winner of each category will be announced at the public concert during the opening ceremony at


the International Guitarfestival Rust at 9th April 2017 All results will be published at www.guitarfestivalrust.at


12. The shortlisted composers will be required to submit a programme note for their work.


13. The shortlisted pieces (and eventually others from the jury recommended pieces) will be published in an e-book by musicaneo.org. The profit of the publication goes as a sponsor contribution to the guitar festival Rust.


14. The judges’ decision will be final and no correspondence about the result will be entered into.


15. By participating in the competition and submitting an entry by email, the composer accepts the terms and conditions as set out above. The competition organizers reserve the right to exclude participants without appeal for any violation of the above conditions.


16. For any dispute deriving from this Contract the only legally valid text shall be this Contract in its german version, made up of 16 (sixteen) articles. The Court of Eisenstadt/Austria is exclusively competent in any dispute.

Das Festival 2016 war ein großer Erfolg und wir dürfen den Siegern des Wettbewerbs "Alirio Diaz adult" sowie "Alirio Diaz children" herzlich gratulieren. 


Alirio Diaz "adult":

1. Niklas Johansen

2. Takuya Okamoto

3. Flavio Nati



Alirio diaz "youth":


Group 1:                            Group 2:                          Group 3: 

1. Aniol Aleksander         1. Nel Maslanka              1. Beata Atlas

2. Roman Stefan             2. Tymon Zielinski        2. Alexandru Grecu

3. Torge Tudor                    Mare Aleksandru           Dworniczak Kacper

                                          3. Mateus Waz                 3. Wojciech Mizera

                                              Amelia Duchnowska

International Guitar Festival Alirio Diaz in Rust / Austria: 09 until 12 of April 2017

Dank der Unterstützung der "D´Addario Foundation of performing arts", dem Rotary Club Eisenstadt, Burgenländische Landesregierung, Gemeinde Rust und der Raiffeisenlandesbank Burgenland findet das Internationale Gitarrenfestival Rust in 2017 vom 09. bis zum 12. April 2017  zum 19. mal statt. Wir freuen uns schon sehr auf Ihr Kommen. Genießen Sie die wunderschöne Landschaft von Rust, die Gitarrenmusik, das exzellente Essen und.... den Wein, natürlich.



Wir freuen uns auf Ihr Kommen!