Alirio Diaz "Adult"


  • 115€ (Competition + entry to all concerts)


First Round:

  • Two pieces of free choice  (8-10 Min.)
  • All program has to be performed memorised



Final Round:

  • free program 
  • The Organisator Gabriel Guillen would be happy if the contestants would maybe play
     an arrangement made by Alirio Diaz or a venezuelan composition, in memory of Alirio Diaz (but it is NOT OBLIGATORY)
  • All  program has to be performed memorised
  • The program length has to be 18 - 23 minutes
  • It is possible to play compositions already played in the first round





  1. Price: € 1000,- , Gifts from Savarez and Agustine Strings
    concert at the International Guitar Festival Rust 2019, the winner of the competition will become EuroStrings Young Star for 2018/ 2019
  2. Price: € 700,- , Gifts from Savarez and Agustine Strings
  3. Price: € 500,- , Gifts from Savarez and Agustine Strings




 Kacha Metrevelli, Sun Xuan Xuan, Mak Grgic,Yoshimasa Yoshida, Istvan  Beke, Heinz Irmler, Senio Diaz,    Zbigniew Dubiella, Jovan Pesec, Nejc Kuhar, Ruben Parejo.



(All "cash-prices" are sponsored by Rotary Eisenstadt)

Assessment Rules Adult
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Timetable GFR 2019
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Seehof Rust
Hauptstraße 31, 7071 Rust, Austria

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