Alirio Diaz "Adult" Results of the First Round will be ONLINE via Zoom at 02. April 2022:

   The You Tube Video has to be submitted before 30. of March 2022 as follow!!!





  • 115€ 


First Round:

  • A You Tube Video Link ( ONLY You Tube Link):  Two pieces of free choice  (8-10 Min.)

         The video has to be without editing and without breaks between the pieces. The You Tube Video must be "not Listed", Deadline of the Inscription: 30. of March 2022 , the Link of the video has to be sended before the 30. March 2022 to the following e mail adress: 

Videos without Inscription are not valid.



Final Round WILL TAKE PART AT 13. OF April  2022 IN RUST:

3 Finalists will be selected for the Final in Rust at the 13 of  April 2022 (the final will be on Livestream via Zoom  as well), the International Guitar Festival Rust will pay the Hotel and food expenses of the Finalists (Tarife):

  • free program 
  • The Organisation would be happy if the contestants would maybe play
     an arrangement made by Alirio Diaz or a venezuelan composition, in memory of Alirio Diaz (but it is NOT OBLIGATORY)
  • All  program has to be performed memorised
  • The program length has to be 18 - 20 minutes
  • It is possible to play compositions already played in the first round





  1. Price: € 1500,- , Gifts from Savarez and Royal Classics, 
    concert at the International Guitar Festival Rust 2022, the winner of the competition will become EuroStrings Young Star for 2021/ 2022
  2. Price: € 1000,- , Gifts from Savarez and Royal Classics 
  3. Price: € 700,- , Gifts from Savarez and Royal Classics





Stefan Trifan, Istvan  Beke, Heinz Irmler, Senio Diaz, Jovan Pesec. Nejc Kuhar, Miriam Rodriguez Brullova



(All "Money-prices" are sponsored by Rotary Eisenstadt)

Seehof Rust
Hauptstraße 31, 7071 Rust, Austria

Kartenreservierung: +4367684160616

Achtung!: Karten Vorverkauf ist hier:



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