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Thanks to the support of  the European Union, the "Rotary Club Eisenstadt," Savarez Strings and the "Raiffeisenlandesbank Burgenland" the 23. International Guitar Festival Rust will take place from September  26 th  to 30 of September  2021. We are looking forward to see you there. Enjoy the beautiful Landscape of Rust, the guitar music, the beautiful Musikverein of Vienna ,the excellent foodand of course the wine.  


In Memoriam:

This years festival will be held in special honor of Alirio Diaz, who passed away in 2016.  




With Luciano Lombardi, Sun Xuan Xuan, Carlo Marchione,Yoshimasa Yoshida, Istvan Beke, Christian Lavernier, Giovanni Grano, Heinz Irmler, Diana Guillen, Senio Diaz, Gabriel Guillen, Jovan Pesec, Grigory Novikov, Juan Lorenzo, Roberto Fabbri. Eurostrings Artists and more.
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Composition Competition

A Composition Competition: TBA


We are very happy to announce, that this years Guitarfestival will be in cooperation with the European Guitar Festival Collaborative "EUROSTRINGS"!


The winner of the adult competition will become "EuroStrings Artists ".

Seehof Rust
Hauptstraße 31, 7071 Rust, Austria

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