Festival 2019

14. until 17. April in Rust, 18. of April in Vienna

Thanks to the support of  the European Union, the "Rotary Club Eisenstadt," and the "Raiffeisenlandesbank Burgenland" the International Guitar Festival Rust will take place from April 14th to April 18th 2019. We are looking forward to see you there. Enjoy the beautiful Landscape of Rust, the guitar music, the beautiful Musikverein of Vienna ,the excellent foodand of course the wine.  


In Memoriam:

This years festival will be held in special honor of Alirio Diaz, who passed away in 2016.  




Internationales Gitarrenfestival Rust 2019
Seehof in Rust und Musikverein in Wien:
Alirio Diaz International Guitar Competition
14 April until 18 April 2019
With Yoshimasa Yoshida, Sun Xuan Xuan, Andrea de Vitis, Maciej Ziemski, Mak Grgic, Istvan Beke, Stefan Trifan, Tony Pusztai , Anna Likhacheva ,Elena Papandreou, Oscar Ghiglia, Carlo Marchione,Thom Kerstens, Adriana Veroes, Diana Glazunova
Senio Diaz, Gabriel Guillen, Jovan Pesec, Marialena Fernandes, Nejc Kuhar, Stefan Hackel, Eurostrings Artists and more.

Composition Competition

A Composition Competition will be held again at this years festival. For further information please click here


We are very happy to announce, that this years Guitarfestival will be in cooperation with the European Guitar Festival Collaborative "EUROSTRINGS"!


The winner of the adult competition will become "EuroStrings Artists for 2019/2020".

Festival 2018

Festival 2017:

The 19th Internation Guitarfestival Rust was a great success and we can announce the winners of this year in the competition "Alirio Diaz Adult" and "Alirio Diaz Children" underneath.

We want to thank all the people that visited the festival numerously for supporting the festival, as well as the Artists and Contestants of the Competitions and Masterclasses.


Alirio Diaz Children:


Group 1:


1.   Jakub Imiolek

2.   Tymon Gawlowski

3.   Alexandru Paun-Mastan


Group 2:


1.   Tymon Zielinski

2.   Kamil Aniol

3.   Alexandru-Emil Mare


Group 3:


1.   Nadja Jankovic

2.   Beata Atlas

3.   Andrei Tcaciuc




Alirio Diaz Adult:


1.   Dominik Carevic

2.   Nikolas Göhl


3.   David Fellegi

Festival 2016:


Alirio Diaz "adult":

1. Niklas Johansen

2. Takuya Okamoto

3. Flavio Nati



Alirio diaz "youth":


Group 1:                            Group 2:                          Group 3: 

1. Aniol Aleksander         1. Nel Maslanka              1. Beata Atlas

2. Roman Stefan             2. Tymon Zielinski        2. Alexandru Grecu

3. Torge Tudor                    Mare Aleksandru           Dworniczak Kacper

                                          3. Mateus Waz                 3. Wojciech Mizera

                                              Amelia Duchnowska