Seehof Rust

Hauptstraße 31, 7071 Rust, Austria


Tel.: +43 676/ 3285473

Email: info@guitarfestivalrust.com



Tourismusverband Rust

Conradplatz 1, 7071 Rust, Austria


Tel.: +43 2685 502

e-mail: info@rust.at


Getting to Rust:

Detailed Information on how to get to Rust with public transportation systems you can find here


(for example) Wien Flughafen --> Rust am See


If you want to come to the Festival or want to get back home, but have no car, we have a solution for you. We have a taxi business that offers a special guitarfestival-discount. 

Eisenstadt - Rust (22€ per drive)

(4-passenger and 6-passenger cars)


Taxi Karthago

0699 / 11 333 949