Recent Updates:

The list of the Finalists in the Competition Alirio Diaz Adults is now online:

Finalists Adult
Adult_Finals_öffentlich Blatt1.pdf
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Here is the final List with all the points of the competition Alirio Diaz Adults;

Adult Competition Points of First Round
Adult Competition First Round.pdf
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Points children Competition
ChildrenCompetition Auswertung öffentlic
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Here is the updated Timetable for the competition Alirio Diaz Adults: PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!

Timetable_adult_FINAL_ 2017.pdf
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The Points of the Competition Alirio Diaz Adults are now online:

Points Competition Adult First Round
AdultCompetitionFirstRound Blatt1.pdf
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The Timetable for the competition Alirio Diaz Children is now online:

Timetable Children
Timetable_children 2017.pdf
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Composition Competition

We are happy to announce the winners of our composers competition. Further information coming soon.

Here is the UPDATED Timetable for the Alirio Diaz Composition Adults: PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!

Timetable Adult UPDATED VERSION!
Timetable_adult_first round 2017.pdf
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We now have the list for the masterclasses, please look when you have lessons!


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Composition Competition

For our first composers competition we have received 45 submissions. This exceeded our expectations and overwhelmed our team. All contributions would have deserved to be placed on the shortlist. The jury did their best and finally selected 10 etudes, which we now announce. However, we would like to thank all of the contestants who have contributed to this great success in our composition competition.

The top 3 compositions will be announced on April 09th at the opening ceremony of the Festival!





  • Bauer Wolfgang (Austria)
  • Chiang James (USA)
  • Dubiella Zibgniew (Poland)
  • Guillén Gabriel (Venezuela/Austria)
  • Irmler Heinz (Austria)
  • Muck Daniel (Austria)
  • Nemeth Tibor (Austria)
  • Jovan Pesec (Austria)
  • Steinkogler Siegfried (Austria)

We are happy to announce, that the venezuelan Ambassador has offered a special price of 200€ for the best interpretation of an venezuelan piece in our competition!


We are now full in the Adult competition as well as the children competition! Every new inscription will be put on the waiting List!

The registration for the composers competition is now closed and the winners will be determined.

We wish everyone good luck!

The timetable is now available for download:

Timetable Guitarfestival Rust 2017
Zeitplan Gitarrenfestival 2017.pdf
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Sign up for Masterclasses is now possible!

We had a little problem with the "Sign up" for the composition Competition. Now everything is working again and we would like you to full out the form on our website again. 

The "Sign up" for 2017 is now possible!

Composition Competition:

A Composition Competition will be held for the first time at this years festival. For further information please click here

In Memoriam:

This years festival will be held in special honor of Alirio Diaz, who passed away in 2016.




Payment for Inscriptions can be made by Pay Pal, our adress:


Internationales Gitarrenfestival Rust: Bank Burgenland:

IBAN: AT285100091113585000


Here under "Recent Updates" we will provide you with the latest information and during the festival we will be able to keep you up-to-date.