Recent Updates:

These are now the full points for the competition adult in the first round:
AdultCompetitionFirst Round 2019 All Acc
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 61.7 KB

At the request of Oscar Ghiglia this years finale of the Guitarfestival Rust was not evaluated with points but with a voting of the 7 Judges. Therefore there are no points apparent, instead the commission came to the following ranking of the participants after intense discussion:


1. Place Agustin Nazzetta

2. Place Sara Celardo / Carlo Curatolo / Benjamin Causevic

3. Place Cristina Galietto / Alexandru Grecu

4. Place Wang Tian Xiang

5. Place Bianka Szalaty


We congratulate the winners and thank all our participants for this years festival!

The results for the Alirio Diaz Competition Youth are now online:
Competition Youth Points All Access.pdf
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The Timetable for the Finals of the Alirio Diaz Competition Adults is now online:
Timetable_adult_finale 2019 Online.pdf
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The Results of the Alirio Diaz Competition Adults are now online:
All blacked out Participants are Finalists.
AdultCompetitionFirst Round 2019.pdf
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The Timetable for the Competition Youth is now online:
Timetable_children 2019 Online.pdf
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This is the Timetable for the Competition Adults:
Timetable_adult_first round 2019 Online.
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Here is the timetable for the festival to download, so you can plan you stay properly:

Zeitplan Gitarrenfestival 2019.pdf
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The sign up for all competitions and the masterclasses are now open!

Here under "Recent Updates" we will provide you with the latest information and during the festival we will be able to keep you up-to-date.