Alirio Diaz "Youth" the results will be announced ONLINE at 15. September via Zoom


 A You Tube Video has to be submetted before the 12 of September as follow!!!:



  • 38€ 



  • Group 1 (born in 2010 or later) 8-10min. length of the program
  • Group 2 (born in 2007 until 2009) 10-13min. length of the program
  • Group 3 (born in 2004 until 2006) 13-16min. length of the program




  • Free program, please send a You Tube Video as a link as "not Listed" ( Not edited, no breaks between the pieces) to the following email adress: 

Deadline for the Inscription and submittetion of the video: 12 of September 2021 , deadline for the Video: 12. of September. Videos without the  Inscription are not valid.





  1. Price: € 100,- , Diploma, gifts from Savarez & Royal Classics
  2. Price: Diploma, gifts from Savarez & Royal Classics
  3. Price: Diploma, gifts from Savarez & Royal Classics


 Jurors:  Grigory Novikov, Sun Xuan Xuan,Yoshimasa Yoshida, Istvan  Beke, Heinz Irmler, Senio Diaz,Jovan Pesec, Siegfried Steinkogler.


(All "cash-prices" are sponsored by Rotary Eisenstadt)

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