Alirio Diaz "Youth"


Due to the Covid 19 pandemic and international travel restrictions the Alirio Diaz Guitar Competition 2020 will take place online via Video/YouTube. 
You Tube Video:
The video description should contain the programme (pieces + composers name). 
The videos must be uploaded as “unlisted” and the video comments must be deactivated.
The video have to be recorded in “one take” and edits are not allowed.
The face and hands of competitors must be visible at all times.
Audio post-edits are not allowed.
Competitors can send their YouTube links as of now until the 14.11.2020. It will then be released on the Social-Media channels of Rust Guitar Festival.
Competitors are not allowed to make public or share their video link before this time.
The results will be announced via livestream on 15.11. 2020.
More details about this will follow soon.


Bedingt durch eine Verfügung der Österreichischen Bundesregierung muss das Internationale Gitarrenfestival Rust 2020 (5.-8. April 2020) wegen des Coronavirus abgesagt und  auf 27.-30. September 2020 verschoben werden.   Wir bitten um Verständnis. Dankeschön. 


Due to an injunction of the Austrian Federal Government, the International Guitar Festival (Rust 5-8 April 2020) has to be cancelled due to the coronavirus and postponed until 27-30 September 2020.   We ask for your understanding. Thanks.


  • 38€ (Competition + entry to all concerts)



  • Group 1 (born in 2009 or later) 8-10min. length of the program
  • Group 2 (born in 2006 until 2008) 10-13min. length of the program
  • Group 3 (born in 2003 until 2005) 13-16min. length of the program




  • Free program 




  1. Price: € 100,- , Diploma, gifts from Savarez, Agustine Strings & Royal Classics
  2. Price: Diploma, gifts from Savarez, Agustine Strings & Royal Classics
  3. Price: Diploma, gifts from Savarez, Agustine Strings & Royal Classics



 Kacha Metrevelli, Sun Xuan Xuan, Mak Grgic,Yoshimasa Yoshida, Istvan  Beke, Heinz Irmler, Senio Diaz, Diana Guillen Navarro, Zbigniew Dubiella, Jovan Pesec, Nejc Kuhar, Ruben Parejo.


(All "cash-prices" are sponsored by Rotary Eisenstadt)

Assessment Rules Youth
Assessment rules_(youth).pdf
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Timetable GFR 2019
Timetable 2020 coming soon!
Zeitplan Gitarrenfestival 2019.pdf
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